Just a few days ago, we shared news of the physical release for As Far As The Eye, a turn-based resource-management game heading to Switch. Now we know when the digital version of the game is hitting Switch as well.

Developer Unexpected and publisher Goblinz Publishing have confirmed that As FAR As The Eye will land on Switch April 28th, 2022. Pre-orders for the digital version have opened today as well, and if you jump on the opportunity, you can get the game at a 30% discount. You have until May 5th, 2022 to take advantage of that offer. Even better, those who own Goblinz Publishing titles Legend of Keepers, Banners of Ruin, or Defend the Rook will get a whopping 50% discount on As Far As The Eye.

If you need a quick recap on As Far As The Eye, you can see an official synopsis below.

Become one with the wind and drift among the Pupils, a tribe setting off on a mission to reach the center of the world, the Eye. Guide the Pupils’ mobile village, making turn-based decisions to improve their knowledge and skills through agriculture, crafting, scientific, and mystical research. Protect denizens from rising waters, empty stomachs, and other dire conditions as they trek ever forward towards the Eye. Strategically assign tasks to harvest resources such as wood and stone, produce food, or build important locations like sawmills and hunting lodges. Exhaust plains before laying down constructions, ensuring no natural resource goes to waste, while completing objectives that allow the Pupils to proceed to new halts.

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