Falcom has shared another big wave of information for Ys X: Nordics. This time around, we get introduced to Phylleia, Ezer, Yolds, Larg, and Odr, and we also learn about the “Release Line” system.

If you want to see all the screens that came out with today’s information, you can find a full gallery here. If you just want to read the details, you can get the complete breakdown below courtesy of a translation from Gematsu.

Phylleia (voiced by Risa Shimizu)

  • Age: 23

A leader of the third fleet in the Balta Navy, she is a female warrior with excellent wit known for being one half of the “twin jewels” alongside warlord Gunnel. Aside from being the right-hand woman for chief Grimson, she also keeps an eye out for his only daughter, Karja. She originally was not a Norman, but due to various circumstances, she decided to join the Balta Navy by choice.

Ezer (voiced by Yuuki Sakakihara)

  • Age: 15

A boy who works as a chamberlain for Karja’s home, the Balta household. Despite his young age, he has a polite and thoughtful personality. He is always thinking of his master Karja first and foremost, and acts accordingly. Like Phylleia, he was not born a Norman either. Apparently, he had been living somewhere else.

Yolds (voiced by Tomoyo Takayanagi)

  • Age: ???

A highly-intelligent humanoid Grieger. A vulgar sadist who attacks the people of Obelia Bay and abuses them as though they were slaves. She holds an intense rage against Karja, who wounded her by the power of Mana. Like a devil, she follows and targets Adol and the group.

Larg (voiced by Masahiro Itou)

  • Age: ???

A highly-intelligent humanoid Grieger. He takes interest in the culture and customs made by humans, and he appears in front of Adol and the group to ask peculiar questions. He does not show as aggressive a behavior compared to Yors and Ors, and his constant careless attitude makes it hard to read his true intentions.

Odr (voiced by Kazuki Kyan)

  • Age: ???

A highly-intelligent humanoid Grieger. He boasts outstanding combat skills, even out of the humanoid Griegers. He takes interest in Adol and Karja, who fights using the power of Mana. He even wages battles against them. There are times when it looks as if he has high hopes for their skill potential. Particularly regarding Karja, he seems to even encourage her growth as a warrior.

■ Keywords

The Immortal Griegers

The name of the immortal beings that appear around Obelia Bay.

It is impossible to kill them, as any wound inflicted by any weapon will be healed instantly. The only way to win against them is to show through battle your absolute dominance over them, and make them lose their will to fight. Adol and Karja’s power of Mana can help deliver devastating blows to them.

There are multiple confirmed reports of their beast-like looks, but there are also rumors that within them are highly-intellectual, humanoid Griegers.

■ Growth System: Release Line

Unleash the Power of Mana, and Reach Adol and Karja’s Full Potential!

In Ys X: Nordics is a brand new and special skill tree system called the “Release Line.” By unlocking the power of Mana, you can strengthen the battle skills individually for Adol and Karja.

The Release Line system explained:

  • Level up through combat, and obtain Mana points.
  • Using Mana points, unlock various “Spots” placed on the Release Line.
  • Unlocking “Spots” will allow you to obtain Adol and Karja-specific skills for solo mode, as well as spars.
  • Place a “Mana Seed” into the unlocked “Spot.”
  • The “Mana ability” for combat according to the Mana seed branch will activate.
  • By continuing the process of leveling up to unlocking spots, you will go further down the Release Line.
  • By delving deeper, you will be able to obtain special skills for the Combination Mode.

Adol and Karja Each Have Their Own Release Line

Each character has their own Release Line. By using the Mana points obtained through leveling up, it is possible to unlock new skills individually.

The Four Structures of Mana Ability

By setting items called Mana Seeds, a Mana Ability will activate. There are four branches it can split into. And because the same types can be combined, there are many possibilities for customization. You can set multiple abilities from the “Valor” branch and create a character that specializes in attacks, or you can set an equal number from each branch to make an all-rounder.

  • Valor – Attack-focused ability. Effects such as increased damage given, and increased knockdown blow.
  • Strength – Defense-focused ability. Effects such as decreased damage received, and increased status ailment healing speed.
  • Optimism – Ability that raises all skills aside from attack and defense. Effects such as increased dash speed, and increased skill chain time.
  • Darkness – Ability that has both merits and demerits. Special effects such as increased damage given during abnormal status, and increasing the rate of critical hits when HP is low.

Multiple Abilities Will Activate When the Mana Seeds That Have Three Branch Properties Are Set

Mana Abilities are activated when a specific Mana seed is set in a branch of the Release Line. However, some Mana Seeds belong to a special branch, called “Dream.”

Mana Seeds of the Dream branch have properties of Valor, Strength, and Optimism, and therefore are able to be combined with other Mana Seeds. You’ll be able to activate each branch’s abilities at a much more efficient rate.


Ys X: Nordics will see release on Switch in Japan come September 28th, 2023. There’s still no official word on a localization at this time.

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