Well here’s a considerable surprise. Just yesterday we shared news of Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Hot-Blooded Chaos Festival, a party game featuring the Uma Musume Pretty Derby franchise. The title was only shown in the Japanese Nintendo Direct, but today we learn that it’ll get a localization in 2024 as Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash features a roster of fan favorites in a party action title aimed at putting a brand-new spin on competition in the world of Umamusume—now pixelated.

The academy’s time-honored Spring Fan Fest will play host to a very special event this time. Behold, the Slapdash Grand Prix! Which team will conquer all four events and prove victorious?! The Tracen Academy Fan Fest’s newest attraction features four events: Hurtling Hurdles, Blazing Baskets, Dodgeball Demolition, and Gourmet Gauntlet. In each event, Umamusume from each team will vie for victory. And on their road to the top, players will have the chance to pick from a star-studded cast of Umamusume to play as.

Hurtling Hurdles

A sprawling obstacle course race that runs through the academy, shops, and even homes. Players will jump, climb, and fly over the heaps of hurdles planted throughout the track to fight for first.

Blazing Baskets

On this court, everyone is a rival and trick shots are the way to go. Obstacles and items will shake up the court, so players must adapt to their surroundings—and fast.

Dodgeball Demolition

In this dodgeball battle royale, the only victor is the last one standing. Players will have to sling some savage shots should they wish to survive.

Gourmet Gauntlet

A gourmet race favoring the pair with the quickest feet and the largest stomachs. Players will choose between serving dishes at lightning speed and munching through dishes like there’s no tomorrow.

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