Didero LLC announced today the launch of their new Didero Games Club, a subscription service for renting physical Nintendo Switch games by mail across the USA. Didero rents over 200 of the biggest and best Switch games.

Didero uses tracked shipping to and from renters and unbranded boxes, to reduce the chance of games getting stolen or lost. Didero is revolutionary in its use of peer-to-peer shipping: when someone finishes with a game, they ship it directly to another gamer, rather than back to a home base.

Didero uses state-of-the-art AI (artificial intelligence) to optimize the routing of games to maximize member happiness and lower shipping costs.

Didero is new, but its unique technology was developed in 2020 by the co-founders for a puzzle rental service called the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club that has received rave reviews for its value and excellent customer service.

You can learn more about Didero, which is $10 a month, at the company’s official website.

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