We already knew it was coming thanks to a leak, but yesterday Square Enix made it official during the Nintendo Direct. Star Ocean: The Second Story R is heading to Switch on Nov. 2nd, 2023, and today the company has followed up that reveal with an absolute deluge of information.

On the official Square Enix website, an ‘Everything You Need to Know’ feature for Star Ocean: The Second Story R has been published. It’s chock-full of gameplay details, character info, lore and so much more. You can take a look at just part of the mammoth breakdown below.


The second game in the spacefaring RPG series, originally released for the OG PlayStation in 1998 in Japan, 1999 in the US and 2000 in Europe.

An epic tale of love and courage set in the vastness of the universe, it featured many of the elements that have become synonymous with the STAR OCEAN series, featuring the Dual Protagonist system, fast-paced battles, deep skill systems, Private Actions, and multiple endings.

The story focuses on Claude C. Kenny - a young officer in the Pangalactic Federation. Under the orders of his father and commanding officer Ronyx, he embarks on a mission to investigate a mysterious dome on Planet Milokeenia. Hoping to demonstrate his courage, he touches the dome, only to disappear in a blinding flash of light.

Later, Claude wakes up surrounded by a lush forest and realizes he’s been transported somewhere far away. Trying and failing to get in contact with his father, Claude scouts out the area around him, only to discover a monster just as it’s about to attack a young woman - Rena Lanford.

Rushing into the fray, Claude fires away with the Phase Gun his father gave him. Seeing Claude rescue her with this bright, powerful weapon, Rena mistakes him for a figure from the myths of her homeland - a hero who bears a sword of light.

Rena takes Claude to her village of Arlia, hoping that he could be the one to save her entire nation, setting both heroes on an adventure that will change both them and the galaxy.

Do you need to have played a STAR OCEAN game before?

Short answer: no. It’s a standalone adventure with its own story, worlds and characters.

Longer answer… well, let’s be honest - the name ‘STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY’ does imply that there might be a first story to experience first. Don’t worry though - that’s not the case. You’ll get a complete RPG with a beginning, middle and end, unique mechanics, memorable characters and brand new worlds to explore.

If you have played STAR OCEAN THE FIRST DEPARTURE R, you may spot some connections between the games, but it’s absolutely not necessary to do so. In fact, the original version of STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY was the first in the series to come to the West, so this was also the first STAR OCEAN experience for many longtime fans!

Introducing the Dual Protagonist System

At the start of the game, STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R lets you pick between two very different protagonists. Both characters experience a different tale, with story events that develop differently, and unique conversations with other characters that take surprising turns.

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