Fae Farm: Hands-on Impressions

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22 June 2023
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Nintendo Everything got to experience the latest farming sim game Fae Farm, one of the many games representing the genre coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

In this preview, NE states that Fae Farm, aims to stand out in the competitive farming/life-sim genre by embracing a magical setting and offering drop-in-drop-out online multiplayer and combat-focused dungeons.

Despite recent announcements of similar indie titles, Fae Farm’s expansive scope and interconnected gameplay systems make it a promising contender. Players can expect a fantastical experience, combining friendship-building, exploration, farming, and customization reminiscent of Rune Factory and Animal Crossing. With in-depth home decorating, character customization, and various relaxing activities like fishing and bug catching, Fae Farm offers a mechanically-rich and visually appealing world.

Fae Farm’s extensive gameplay includes farming, cooking, crafting, and more, with opportunities for long-term progression. You can forge relationships with around 15 characters, and embark on adventures alone or with up to three other players in multiplayer mode. Some performance issues were noted in the preview, which hopefully can be fixed by the time Fae Farm comes out on Nintendo Switch on September 8, 2023.

If you’d like to read the full details on their impressions, feel free to click here to head to their article!

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