All 17 games in Everybody 1-2-Switch! revealed

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23 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Ever since Nintendo first revealed Everybody 1-2-Switch! a three of weeks back, we’ve been getting a steady feed of information on the game. That continues today with the reveal of every single mini-game featured in the experience.

We already knew that there were 17 games included in Everybody 1-2-Switch!, and we recently saw a decent amount of them in the game’s first trailer. Following that, the official Japanese website for Everybody 1-2-Switch! has opened, and it contains a quick trailer for each mini-game packed into the title.

If you want to go through the games video by video, you can check out the official site here. Just scroll down to the bottom and you can skim through the video player for the mini-games that interest you. If you want to see all the clips together, just check out the video below!

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11M ago

I wish there was a "saved you a click" for this, because I don't care enough about this game to want to watch the video just to see if they kept in those mini-games that "tested horribly" among playtesters in that leak last year.