As you might be aware, the third part of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series has arrived on Netflix. This collection of episodes is especially notable as it features Ash’s rise through the Masters Eight Tournament and his thrilling battle against Leon for the title of World Champion. To commemorate this auspicious occasion and celebrate the incredible effort Ash has put forth during his journey, we’ve added a special channel on Pokémon TV dedicated to some of his greatest triumphs.

For the next two weeks, you can relive this selection of Ash’s most exciting battles. Watch as he overcomes adversity through quick thinking, determination, and the bonds of friendship he shares with Pikachu and his other Pokémon partners.

Celebrate the young hero from Pallet Town on or using the Pokémon TV mobile app. And remember, the Pokémon TV app is now available for Nintendo Switch as well.

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