Sonic Superstars was birthed from a pandemic-era Zoom drinking party

Didn't Sonic have a PSA against drinking?!

23 June 2023
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Sonic Superstars shows that SEGA is once again interested in keeping the classic Sonic style alive, and retro fans couldn’t be happier. Last time we saw a brand-new 2D Sonic title was with Sonic Mania, which went over extremely well. What caused SEGA to return to 2D Sonic this time around? It turns out the idea came from a particularly spirited Zoom meeting!

In an interview with VCG, Sonic creative officer Takashi Iizuka discussed the origins of Sonic Superstars. It turns out the whole project came to be through a random discussion over Zoom right when we were in the thick of the pandemic.

During the coronavirus lockdown Ohshima-san reached out and we set up a Zoom drinking party connecting America and Japan. We decided to get together and just have some fun. During this conversation, I mentioned that I wanted to make a new 2D Sonic game, and Ohshima-san replied, ‘You know what? Met too. That sounds like a really great idea’. So what started out as a really casual conversation ended up being executed on.

[Sonic creative officer Takashi Iizuka]

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