While Sarah Natochenny isn’t the original English voice actor for Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon anime, she’s the one with the longest tenure. Natochenny brought Ash to life for 17 years of his journey, and she’s officially wrapped her journey with the character as the original Pokémon run has come to an end.

The Pokémon anime already came to a close in Japan months ago, making way for a brand-new series that’s airing now. Here in the states, the final batch of episodes in the original Pokémon series have just launched today, so now we can personally see Ash in his final showdown.

To mark the occasion, ET Canada virtual sat down with Sarah Natochenny to talk about her time with the character, her connection to Ash, and all things Pokémon. In the interview, we learn that Ash’s big battle meant so much to Natochenny that it brought her to tears.

I sobbed through the entire winning episode. For me it was such a long time coming. Recording the very last episode was extraordinarily emotional.

[Sarah Natochenny]

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