Curse of the Sea Rats has been updated to Ver. 1.3.7. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Combat System

  • General improvements to the combat in order to make it more fast-paced and dynamic:
  • Attacks are now cancelable with the jump and parry actions.
  • Hurt animations have been shortened.
  • Hitboxes when sliding have been improved.

Character Control (General)

  • Rebalanced the skill tree for all four characters.
  • All the attacks’ ranges have been increased to better adjust the slashes to their hitboxes.

David Douglas

  • Run Attack’s momentum has been reduced and its speed has been increased.
  • Down Air Attack’s boost has been increased and its preparation speed has been increased.
  • Parry animation has been reduced and recovers faster.
  • Improvements to the Fireball attack.

Akane Yamakawa

  • Faster recovery after parrying.
  • Changed the hits per second of the Water Shield attack.


  • Run Attack’s momentum has been reduced and its speed has been increased.
  • Knockdown animation has been shortened.
  • Improved Dash hitbox activation.
  • Multiple tweaks to the Down Attack.

Buffalo Calf

  • Knockdown animation has been shortened.


  • Disabled death upon pitfall; now the player teleports to a connected room.
  • Added Dolores in a new room between the Flora and Long Fuse Jones boss fights (with a save point and teleport), to allow the player to purchase items and further unlock the skill tree.
  • Now the Backtrack stones can be removed by interacting with them.
  • Changed the spikes’ placement, size, and damage caused.
  • Improved Major Mallory’s tutorial with clearer visual guidance.
  • Reduced amount of enemies in Fodla’s Bog.

User Interface

  • Added map legend.
  • Added custom markers functions to the map.
  • Added map marker that shows the buried treasures’ locations.
  • Added map marker that shows the NPCs’ positions.
  • Added XP counter on the status UI.
  • Updated inventory item order.
  • Implemented defined order for the Treasure Bag’s items.
  • Added combo details in the Transmutation item description.

Bug Fixing

  • Changing the direction on the D-Pad works correctly.
  • Cutscenes don’t display graphical corruption.
  • All chest icons on the map update properly after opening them.
  • Poison status and buffs don’t persist after death.
  • Enabling or disabling the minimap saves correctly.
  • Treasure icons show properly when the meanwhile scenes end.
  • Sam doesn’t disappear when reloading.
  • Spirit drops don’t follow the player if collected while resurrecting with the resurrection ring.
  • SFX doesn’t persist after the Long Fuse Jones fight.
  • All dialogues are properly skippable.
  • Dying on a room transition doesn’t cause the game to crash.
  • Player always properly dies and respawns when falling into a water pit.
  • Bussa’s skill tree descriptions have all the correct values.
  • Correct SFX volume when collecting the XP orbs dropped when dying.
  • Quitting the telescope on the Lighthouse is more intuitive.
  • Resurrecting the Necromancer without changing to a different room works correctly.
  • Platforms appear correctly in the Necromancer boss fight.
  • Enemies don’t disappear briefly upon being hit.
  • Multiple enemies’ AI bugs have been corrected.
  • Treasure items don’t appear in the general inventory after using the shortcuts feature.
  • No need to press Join when selecting a character in single mode.
  • Addressed some localization issues.
  • Enemies’ alpha values in Tuatha de Danann Temple are now correct.
  • Improved performance on the credits scene.
  • Added missing consumable items in Robert’s stores 2 & 3.
  • All SFX change volume according to the master mixer’s value.
  • Animated slide bar added to the bosses’ HP HUD.
  • Fixed some level design issues.
  • Corrected and improved multiple environment art issues.

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