Dauntless has been updated to Ver. 1.14.3. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Gauntlet Season 5

Gauntlet Season 5 arrives with new challenges and rewards! Climb the Gauntlet leaderboard to secure brand-new exclusive titles this season, such as One in a Million, Cut Above, and more!

New Cells

Three new themed cells are available in the Research Lab this season.

  • Pack Caller: Spawn bomber minions from the sky when a Behemoth part is broken.
  • Pack Walker: While near aggressive creatures (bombers, spitters, stalkers, smollusks, styxians, etc), gain movement and attack speed.
  • Pack Hunter: Deal additional damage for a short time after defeating aggressive creatures.

If you haven’t gotten the Impulse, Inertia, and Conservation cells from Season 4, you can use your leftover crests from Season 4 for a guaranteed +1 cell from the Last Chance tab of the Research Lab. After two weeks, the Season 4 cells will no longer be available for direct redemption. They will only appear in random core drops thereafter.

Hunt Passes: Maurauder’s Mask and Glorious Battle

Slay like a pirate with Marauder’s armour skins, the Treasure Trove emote, custom lantern and sigil skins, and more – all available when you unlock the Maurauder’s Mask Hunt Pass.

The Orrery’s new battlesuits shine with radiant energy. Their Secretkeepers say that the Orrery has found the key to humanity’s salvation. Unlock the Glorious Battle Hunt Pass to harness the power of Radiant aether and earn gleaming Orrery rewards.

Reward Cache

The Reward Cache has been replenished with new items. Collect Cache coins and redeem them for the full Elder armour set, the full Time-themed weapon set, and more!

Bug Fixes


  • Integrated Epic Online Services into all social interactions.
  • Fixed an issue with sending Guild invites.
  • Fixed an issue in chat where a recent chat’s player username shows up more than once when using the Whisper function.


  • Fixed an issue where quests would sometimes not display correctly when loading into Ramsgate.


  • Fixed the clipped text issue in the Hunt Menu’s Gauntlet modifiers list.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapons menu was accessible from individual omnicells’ selection screen.

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