Splatoon 3 takes what came before it and builds on it in numerous ways. There are some revamped and tweaked ideas that return, along with brand-new mechanics like the Tricolor Turf War. Thanks to a recent interview, we now know how that came to be.

The gang at Famitsu magazine had the chance to chat with Splatoon 3 Director Shintaro Sato about various aspects of the game, and Tricolor Turf Wars were brought up. According to Sato, Nintendo was thinking of this idea right from the beginning of Splatoon 3, which dovetailed nicely with something the team was pondering during Splatoon 2’s development.

At first, Nintendo was worried that thrown in another team to Turf War would throw the balance completely out of whack. Back during the development of Splatoon 2, Nintendo had been toying with the idea of asymmetric battles that featured an attacking and defending side. This is when Nintendo realized they could address both of those issues by mashing things up, which is how they came to the Tricolor Turf War idea.

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