The Pokémon Company takes Eevee to the skies with a new plane collaboration

Will begin flying starting August 31st until October 28th

26 June 2023
by znbashi 0

The Pokémon Company has revealed another addition to its Pokémon-themed planes as part of the Pokémon Air Adventures campaign, this time in collaboration with Japanese airline ANA. The jet is themed after Eevee and is called the “Eevee Jet NH.”

The Eevee Jet NH features a design with Eevee and its evolutions all over the fuselage. The cabin crew will also be wearing uniforms that match the theme, and passengers in the Economy and Premium Economy classes will be getting headrest covers, cups, and napkins themed after Pokémon. Souvenirs such as a Japanese wooden tag, a commemorative sticker, and a boarding certificate will also be available on certain flights.

The Eevee Jet NH will begin flying starting from August 31st to October 28th, 2023, on the following routes:

  • Haneda - London (NH211/NH212)
  • Haneda - New York (NH110/NH109/NH160/NH159)
  • Haneda - San Francisco (NH108/NH107)

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