The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a Mario Kart scene that’s arguably the biggest action segment in the film. It’s filled with all kinds of twists and turns (literally!), along with a ton of characters and some major set pieces.

Everyone knows that what we see in movies goes through multiple iterations before it makes it to the final cut, and not surprisingly, that appears to be the case for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. A new set of design docs has revealed that there were originally some very different plans for how this scene played out, including some characters that didn’t make the cut for the final film.

Here’s what was discovered in the design docs prior to the team’s film nailing down their vision.

  • Thwomps would have been racing karts as well
  • Peach would have rode on a kart with Mario, Double Dash!! style
  • the duo would have been using a stolen cannon to blast enemies
  • a giant Chain Chomp would have been chasing Mario and Peach
  • race commentary would have been provided by Boo and Birdo

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