Last time we checked in on the Kudzu Kickstarter, the crowdfunding efforts had locked in a Game Boy release. Today marks the campaign’s end, and we’re happy to share that the stretch goal for a Switch release was reached as well. This happened thanks to the support of 866 backers who raised $46k in total.

Kudzu is an adventure game that draws inspiration from a real-life encounter with nature. The game follows Max, an apprentice gardener, on an extraordinary journey through diverse landscapes overrun by Kudzu, a globally invasive plant species.

Max’s mentor, Zoen disappears in a Kudzu field, leading Max to embark on a challenging journey through thick vegetation, encountering dangerous creatures, traps, and puzzles along the way.

Along the way, Max encounters eccentric characters who offer assistance and valuable clues to aid in their quest. As the game progresses, the plot unfolds, revealing new layers of mystery and intrigue within the garden.

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