Nintendo knew that Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players would be doing all sorts of weird, wild and interesting things in the game, but you have to wonder if they really accounted for everything fans would come up with. Case in point, a functioning scale that one Redditor put together.

Zelda fan RecommendationOk6842 got a question in his head that led to the creation of what you see above. Ever wonder just how much Link weighs? RecommendationOk6842 did, so they set out to build a functioning scale with just a few simple platforms and Zonai parts. A simple design that’s quite ingenious, and it paves the way for all kinds of interesting discoveries!

Of course, weighing things out in the game has resulted in some odd discoveries. Apparently, Link weighs just as much as 10 apples, which certainly doesn’t seem right. Link always weighs the same as a Korok with their giant backpack, which also doesn’t make sense. Obviously Nintendo played with the realism a bit here to better help gameplay, but the secret’s out now!

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11M ago

The real question… is how many apples would Reggie weigh?

This is a Wii Fit joke