For decades, DOOM 64 remained trapped on the N64, making it quite hard for new fans of the franchise to experience the title. That all changed in 2020 when DOOM 64 finally made its way to modern platforms, Switch included.

While DOOM 64 on Switch includes a bunch of quality of life enhancements for a smoother experience, it also included a brand-new episode alongside the game’s original content. That episode was built to the original game’s standards in many ways, which meant for the truly dedicated out there, an N64 could feasibly happen.

That leads us to DOOM 64: Complete Edition, a fan-made update to DOOM 64 that brings with it the new content found in the 2020 release. It also adds in a number of other quality of life features not found in the N64 original. You can see a complete rundown of what this fan mod adds here.

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