The Pikmin franchise has always walked a line between relaxing and stressful. One moment you’re out collecting trinkets and exploring, the next you’ve lost 30 Pikmin to a surprise enemy. Pikmin 4 looks to alleviate that pressure with a brand-new feature.

Our very own Quence had the chance to play Pikmin 4 ahead of its launch, and he got the full details on a new time-rewind mechanic that’s sure to make newcomers feel a lot more relaxed.

Pikmin 4 has a time limit for each day just like previous games, but now there’s also a rewind functionality built right into the game. At any time if you lost some Pikmin or made a mistake or just want to start over for any reason, you can rewind to an earlier point. You can do this as many times as you want without being penalized.

Want to hear more about how Pikmin 4 is coming along? Check out our detailed hands-on feature here!

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12M ago

I know this is the kind of thing some people will say makes the game too easy, but I think it's perfect. It's a time-saving feature that makes it so you don't have to start the entire day over, and a person can simply choose not to use it if they like a challenge.