Last week’s Nintendo Direct generated the usual wave of buzz in the gaming press and across fan communities. The biggest news of the day was all about Mario, with a brand new game - Super Mario Bros.Wonder - and an unexpected remake of the classic SNES game from 1996, Super Mario RPG. There was also a host of updates, expansions, remasters and new additions to much-loved series (yes, we especially mean Pikmin 4!)

Using its Fusion platform, game marketing analytics company Fancensus has looked at which games have been generating the most hype in the press in the week following Nintendo’s stream.

Which games generated the most interest?


Of the 29 games covered during the stream, by far the most talked about have been the two Mario titles, which have accounted for 20% of the media coverage in the past week - that’s more than 1,000 press articles across 56 countries, showing just how universally loved these games continue to be.

The forthcoming Metal Gear Solid game is the third most discussed, mentioned in more than 900 articles on more than 500 different websites. And despite being one of the featured new games in the previous Nintendo Direct in February, Pikmin 4 got lots of attention ahead of its impending July 21st release date, with 450 sites writing over 800 articles mentioning the game - clearly, games journalists are also dog lovers!

Top 5 most discussed games by territory


We can see a bit of regional difference in the games which have been covered by the games media, with Star Ocean getting a lot more attention in the Asian games press than elsewhere - not a huge surprise for a game franchise that was only available in Japan until 2008’s release on the PlayStation Portable. It’s also interesting to see the as-yet-untitled Princess Peach game being the fifth-most discussed game in US media, whereas it didn’t even make the top ten most covered games in the core European media.

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