Multiple Legend of Zelda games have given Ganon a voice, but nothing beyond some simple grunts and yells. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Ganon is brought to life in a big way through the voice talents of Matt Mercer.

While many know Mercer from his Critical Role D&D series, he’s also quite the prolific voice actor. This paved the way for him to voice Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom, and in an interview with Inverse, Mercer reveals his approach to the character.

“I wanted to bring both that dark, powerful confidence that he exudes throughout his appearances in the series, as well as elements of his silver tongue that have allowed him to make the moves he has to gain what he wants.

He is a brutish tyrant who also sees himself as the rightful ruler of all, and there is a regality in how he sees himself that I wanted to simmer beneath his deadly intent. Both taking inspiration from the Japanese performances that have shaped how I have always interpreted him, and wanting to bring a little of my own flavor to him, I hoped to bring him to life in a unique way.”

[Matt Mercer]

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