There have been some mind-blowing things built in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and that’s only going to continue as people push the game to its limits. The latest example of that is an airplane that can fly and maneuver without Link even being aboard.

Building an airplane in Tears of the Kingdom is no big deal, but a remote-controlled version? How in the world does that even work?! Thankfully, those who are flabbergasted (like myself) can clear things up with a breakdown from the RC airplane’s creator, Miohonda.

Many engineers might know that fuse entangled shock emitters will electrify the shield no matter the distance. But what about shrine batteries? Turns out they do the same thing, but only in water. I attached entangled shields to the motors to serve as electric receivers, when the corresponding battery touches water, it will activate and create thrust.

Now that you know the tricks at play, you should be able to cook up one of these on your own. Feel free to build your aircraft and terrorize all of Hyrule below!

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