FRONT MISSION 2: Remake was originally set to launch for Switch on June 12th, 2023. Back in late May, Forever Entertainment announced a delay for the title. The game was bumped to an unspecified date in Q3 2023, and the team made this decision in order to ensure quality and add the features they want for a more complete experience.

Today brings us a new video that showcases some of what the dev team has been toiling away on. When FRONT MISSION 2: Remake does arrive, here’s just some of the new features you can expect.

  • 7 languages localization
  • Free camera
  • Improved loading time
  • Reorchestrated music

In FRONT MISSION 2: Remake, 12 years have passed since the second Huffman conflict. The impoverished People’s Republic of Alordesh has been suffering a severe economic decline ever since the war ended. In June 12th, 2102, soldiers of the Alordesh Army rise up and, led by Ven Mackarge, declare independence from the O.C.U. (Oceania Cooperative Union). In FRONT MISSION 2: Remake, the perspective switches between three characters: Ash, Lisa, and Thomas, creating a worldview that goes beyond a simple dichotomy between good and evil.

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