Niantic is excited to announce that Campfire, Niantic’s social app that you can use alongside Pokémon GO, is rolling out today to all Pokémon GO Trainers!

Campfire can help Trainers connect, discover local communities, and find active raids nearby. Why not try out Campfire during July 2023 Community Day Classic: Squirtle on July 9 to coordinate some fun with close-by Trainers?

And Campfire has a new feature to accompany its global rollout: Team Up! Team Up is another tool to help Trainers connect and take on Raid Battles together.

Campfire, Niantic’s social app, helps you connect with Trainers and find nearby Raid Battles!

Campfire makes it easy to find local and remote Raid Battles. Simply tap the green map icon near the right corner of Pokémon GO’s in-game map to access Campfire and view all the Raid Battles and Flare activity around you.

With Campfire’s new Team Up feature, joining other Trainers to tackle Raid Battles has never been easier!

Once you’ve opened the Team Up menu, Trainers will be able to choose to host or join a raid via the menu or the map view. After selecting an option, Trainers will see what raids are close enough to host or join.

As a host of a Raid Battle, you can use Team Up to form a group with up to five other nearby Trainers. You’ll then be prompted to add those Trainers as friends without having to leave the group. After you’ve added them as friends, you can return to the game to invite your new friends to join the raid!

If you would like to join a raid but don’t want to host it, you can do that through Team Up too! Just choose the option to join a raid—you’ll be matched automatically with a host and other Trainers, and you’ll all be able to hop into the raid. Team Up even lets you communicate via preset messages with all the Trainers in your group to help with coordination!

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