SuperGroupies reveals a new wave of OMORI fashion accessories

Understated designs for the stealth fan

28 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

SuperGroupies, a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, is HAPPY to announce their new collection for the indie game OMORI! Their 4-item lineup of watches and bags is inspired by OMORI and BASIL as the key characters of the story, and features motifs referring to their friends AUBREY, KEL, HERO, and MARI.

Each item purchase will come with a bonus postcard featuring an illustration exclusive to this collaboration, designed to fit perfectly into the removable charm on our BASIL Model Backpack.

■ OMORI Model Watch

A monochromatic WATCH inspired by OMORI, in contrast with the colorful world of HEADSPACE. A pitch black lightbulb is at 6 o’clock and the SHINY KNIFE is at 8 o’clock. The main dial features the eye of SOMETHING, lurking in the shadows that look like black pencil strokes. The real leather strap has an underside decorated with various motifs related to OMORI and his friends. Etched on the case back is SUNNY’s VIOLIN, hidden just like his trauma.

■ BASIL Model Backpack

This classic BACKPACK in soft green is filled with BASIL’s passion for plants and flowers. Attached to the side is a removable charm modeled after BASIL’s PHOTO ALBUM full of memories. It is colored in deep green to match BASIL’s representative color and can be opened to store photos and other mementos inside. Beautiful and gloomy, the SuperGroupies original lining design inside is an intricate pattern combining several motifs related to BASIL and his friends.

This lineup is available to pre-order starting today, and you have until July 16th, 2023 to finalize your purchase. The watches will cost you $190 and the bags are $180, and you can expect everything to ship out sometime in mid-January 2024. Take a closer look at the lineup here.

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