Keep your friends close, and your roof-mounted Tesla coil closer. Developer Ice Beam and publisher Secret Mode have started laying down the track for multiplayer racing game Make Way to launch on Nintendo Switch™ in 2023.

Make Way sees up to four players battling it out in weapon-filled, round-based races. But there are no pre-built courses. Instead, players must construct the track together, using a random selection of pieces and hazards (train crossings! loop-de-loops! seesaws!) to invent a unique raceway that gets bigger and wilder every round.

Multiple cars race towards and around a loop-de-loop in a snow tundra area in Make Way Make Way’s chaotic racing action can be enjoyed alone or with friends in local or online multiplayer, with cross-play across all platforms. With new track pieces and hazards steadily unlocked over time, and customisable rulesets making matches slightly easier or infinitely more chaotic, no two races will ever be the same.

Make Way is the work of Ice Beam, an indie developer based in Dundee, Scotland. Ice Beam is headed up by Tom Goodchild, a 20-year veteran of the games industry with a plethora of experience in racing games, from being lead designer on Toybox Turbos to credits on the Micro Machines series, GRID Legends, and more.

About Make Way

  • Mix and match unique track pieces and hazards for near-endless course configurations
  • Fight for weapons and power-ups to gain the advantage
  • Unlock new track pieces and vehicles for wackier races
  • Up to four players, on the same screen or online with cross-platform multiplayer
  • Remove hazards from your races or go full chaos mode and eliminate all safety barriers using fully customizable rulesets
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