Multiplayer racing game 'Running Fable' coming to Switch

The old tortoise and the hare routine

28 June 2023
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Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled racing experience like no other. A fresh item placement mechanic in Running Fable enables the players to take the racing experience to new levels, as you can drastically change the racetrack by strategically placing obstacles and traps for your opponents. The game developers from Mexico, Seashell Studio, will soon release their thrilling online/offline multiplayer racing game for cross-platform gameplay.

Running Fable is a family friendly, party game for up to 10 players. Play online against other players, create a private room, or fill the empty spaces with bots - the more, the merrier. Running Fable was released on Steam on the 4th of November 2022. Now Seashell Studio will soon launch it on Nintendo Switch which will enable cross-platform play and enhance competition and multiplayer experience even further.

Running Fable gameplay features:

Real time item placement - strategically set items and traps all over the map. The other players won’t be able to see your placements until the race starts! You can choose to place a trap in the land, water, air, or even beneath a bush, drastically changing the racetrack.

Race to the trophy - Run, jump, Dodge, fly, and hare your way up to the trophy!

Trophy Points + Trap Points = Round Score - Build up your total score by reaching the goal as fast as possible, or by placing your traps cunningly. A mix of both is the key to celebrating victoriously!

Customizable characters - Up to 40 different customization options. Each player can dress up their characters with a great variety of hats, outfits, and taunt animations, even between each round within the online lobby!

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