Developer Crispy Creative has revealed that they’re bringing A Long Journey to an Uncertain End to the Switch sometime in 2023. The game is launching on PC today, which brings us a new trailer. While we wait for specifics on the Switch launch, you can enjoy the new trailer above.

Not looking good, Captain. That holo-influencer you sent Matias to guard has been “upstaged”. Putting a former drag queen before every camera in the ‘verse? Not the best idea. And the anti-sentience rally we sent Aylah to… that’s a riot now. Not saying it’s her fault the audio drones were hacked, but, you know. Probably didn’t help.

On top of that, Truly and Denny are nowhere to be found. Any chance of keeping a low profile is out the airlock. All in all, a quieter day than most!

You’re not piloting the ship. You ARE the ship.

Sentient ships have been outlawed for centuries. With the help of your holo-companion C.O.R.G.I. and your (mostly) loyal crew, you’ve managed to evade capture. Now there’s an entire galaxy between you and freedom.

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is a narrative space opera that’ll have you soaring around the universe assembling an unruly crew from an eclectic cast of characters. As a sentient A.I., pick your preferred pronouns or customize them to whatever you like before voyaging through the ‘verse. Take any job you can to keep one step ahead of your abusive ex, and keep flying towards freedom.


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