Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Strange Scaffold’s sci-fi body horror market tycoon game you didn’t know you needed, is getting a new update on Switch soon. The Omega Update adds new quests and endings so players can simulate trades and stimulate their trading fingers until the heat death of the universe. The Omega Update also includes long-awaited Bugsnax and Inscryption collabs AND surprising new Unpacking content. Here’s what’s inside:

New Ending! In this new, Inscryption-inspired storyline, we’ve heard you, and added a way to get rid of those pesky scammers. There will be consequences.

New Quests! Featuring the existential horrors of Inscryption, the strange creatures of Bugsnax, and… the cardboard boxes of Unpacking?! How did that get in here??

New Events! Get your MarketScope, free gifts from rogue AIs, and react to even more varied and surprising moments in intergalactic news!

Released in 2021, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a sci-fi body horror market tycoon game where you buy, sell, and trade organs to desperate aliens from across the universe. It’s capitalism, baby, but more fun and palatable than the real world. Just don’t dwell on how the organs are sourced because it’s probably a huge bummer.


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