Experience a world of dazzling lights in the Night Tour, the latest limited-time event in Mario Kart Tour, happening now.

Race the bella città Eternal City in the brand-new city course Rome Avanti! Newly added driver Donkey Kong (Gladiator) enters the arena with some appropriately antiquity-themed attire as well.

You can also cruise through the scenic beauty of newly added course Wii Moonview Highway, taking in the dazzling downtown and scenic countryside. (Just remember to watch out for the other racers—the moon is beautiful, but it won’t protect you from whatever they throw your way.)

Hit the night roads with the newly added Chain Chomp Chariot, Yehaw Wagon, Fish Bone Ferry, and Gold Fish Bone Ferry karts; and the Gold Flappy Wings, Rainbow Flappy Wings, and Mario Bros. Parafoil gliders.

Looking to freshen up your in-game Mii™ character wardrobe? Try the newly added Fish Bone Mii Racing Suit and the Light Green Mii Racing Suit!

The Night Tour runs from now until July 11, 2023 at 10:59 p.m. PT.

If you want an even deeper look at what the Night Tour has to offer, you can check out the various gameplay videos below.

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