It’s time for the hottest event in Valhalla and there’s a summer cooler full of all new Mallhalla items. Check out new Skins for Munin & Queen Nai, the first ever Heatwave Emote – Beachside Break, a new Podium, Heatwave Summer Colors, thirteen more summer Skins, and much more. Follow the beach balls in Mallhalla to find them all!

Grab your sandals, beach chair, Spike Balls, and join the fun! Surf’s up as we celebrate the hottest event in Valhalla with new Skins, a new Podium, and many more summertime goodies available in Mallhalla for a limited time.

See the list below for all the Heatwave items:

Exclusive Seasonal Skins

  • Cockatiel Munin – “Ready for a beachside performance!”
  • Sea Krait Nai – “I’ll never get tired of the snakes on this plane of existence!”
  • Vraxxy Jones – “He’ll stuff your Stocks in his locker.”
  • Deep Sea Lucien – “Bluuublublubb!” Featuring animated FX!
  • Riptide Petra – “Surf’s up, Gauntlets out.”
  • Beachside Zariel – “It was never this hot in Elysium.”
  • Thor by the Shore – “Don’t forget the sunscreen!”
  • Brawl Dad Isaiah – “Grillin’ in the name of…”
  • Wipeout Nix – “Sharks aren’t the most dangerous thing in the water anymore.”
  • Pool Party Diana – “Ever seen a vampire at the pool? Didn’t think so.”
  • Water Wars Cross – “No lifeguard on duty.”
  • Island Azoth – “This summer is sure to sizzle to your bones.”
  • Hotshot Vector – “The Maverick has arrived.”
  • Dog Days Mordex – “Every dog has its day… at the beach!”
  • Atlantean Orion – “Fierce protector of deep sea mysteries.”

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