Would the Mortal Kombat franchise ever see representation in the Smash Bros. series? It seems extremely unlikely, but it’s not like other M-rated franchises haven’t made their way into the game. Bayonetta is part of the roster, and while that’s a bit different since Nintendo publishes, it’s still a Mature title that made it to the Smash Bros. stage.

While Nintendo and Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon aren’t chatting about what’s next for Smash, Boon is more than ready to offer some iconic characters for Nintendo’s star-studded franchise. Boon was asked by Axios who he’d hand over to Nintendo for Smash, and his answers most likely won’t surprise longtime Mortal Kombat fans.

“Scorpion. Not even a hesitation. I guess if they want two, it would be Scorpion and Sub-Zero.”

[Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat co-creator]

Boon picked the duo because they’re instantly recognizable as Mortal Kombat characters, and have been the pseudo-mascots of the series for decades now. Well, I guess the ball’s in your court now, Nintendo!


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11M ago

Which Sub-Zero, though?