Get marooned with Picontier on Switch today

Island life with an island boy

29 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Flyhigh Works has revealed that Picontier is launching for the Switch today. The game is priced at $25 and takes up 98 MB of space.

“Picontier” is a ‘slow life RPG’ that unravels and reveals surprising twists. The hero awakens from a long sleep to find that the appearance of the island is quite different from their memory. Start your life in the town “Magmail” in the center of the island, making your way with help from the caring AI character “Aila”.

In your island life you can craft items and weapons; you can also fish in the sea and grow crops on the ranch. Use newly created items and weapons to interact with the inhabitants of the island, and as you get to know each other the conversations will change and you will receive crafting recipes.

Materials are required for crafting, and these are collected both in and out of town. The monsters that appear on the field change between day and night, so check recipes for what you want to make and find the right monsters for the job.

By advancing the main quest the story of the entire island will progress and evolve. You’ll learn about the mysterious substance “Piconium”, that exists only on this island, and the strange “black fog” that holds the key to the ‘incident’ - including the mysterious disappearance of Professor Jeda after our hero’s awakening. Experience a wondrous story on a mysterious island, where magical things happen!

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