Publisher CFK has announced that the rhythm game Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL, currently available on Nintendo Switch, is getting new DLC and a huge update that will add loads of music and extra content.

This jam-packed update is expected to thrill fans with news of funding-related additions and brand-new songs.

First off, the two DLC packages, Flower & Destiny and the Touhou Project Pack 01, will now be available for purchase for the Nintendo Switch™ version. These two DLC packs were previously only available to those who purchased the physical version of the game for the Nintendo Switch™.

Each of the two DLC packs for the Nintendo Switch™ will add one more ‘EX song’ to the existing tracklist. The Flower & Destiny pack will include “Sakura Fubuki” (composed by: Street), and the Touhou Project Pack 01 will include “KARMANATIONS” (composed by: 暁Records) for players to enjoy. Steam users who already own the DLC packs will also receive these songs through a free update.

The tracklists for the Flower & Destiny and the Touhou Project Pack 01 DLCs, including the EX songs, are as follows:

▶ Flower & Destiny tracklist:

  1. Eranthis Composer: LucaProject
  2. Maiden+Apricot Composer: seatrus
  3. 終桜散華 Composer: tokiwa
  4. Xakuro Composer: Halv
  5. secret:mirage Composer: かゆき
  6. Red Rose Composer: yomoha
  7. Heavenly Stars Composer: Tatsh
  8. Flower of Destiny Composer: Sound Souler
  10. 燕子花 -Kakitsubata Composer: polysha vs モリモリあつし EX. Sakura Fubuki Composer: Street

▶ Touhou Project Pack 01 tracklist:

  1. Satori the Witch Composer: yomoha
  2. 幻想のサテライト Composer: 豚乙女
  3. 悪戯センセーション Composer: 森羅万象
  4. 儚きもの人間 Composer: 豚乙女
  5. 全力ハッピーライフ Composer: 森羅万象
  6. 進め!イッスン軍団 Composer: yoa(dawn-system)
  7. Shooting Star feat. Risa Yuzuki Composer: uma vs. モリモリあつし
  8. 患部で止まってすぐ溶ける~狂気の優曇華院 Composer: IOSYS
  9. VENTEN Composer: 暁Records
  10. Calamity Fortune Composer: LeaF
  11. * ** ** - Composer: ***** EX. KARMANATIONS Composer: 暁Records

First of all, three commissioned tracks will be included in a free update. This is the first time gamers have participated in selecting the tracks that are added.

From February 16th on crowdfunding site Tumblbug, over eighty-six million won (around $66,000) was successfully raised to pay for a Nintendo Switch™ physical edition of the game and related tracks. The “Composer Plan” funding tier allowed players to pick a genre and “commission new playable songs” for Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL from exclusive composers Sound Souler and yomoha.

The Composer Plan funding tier, only available for three dedicated fans, sold out soon after the funding campaign opened. After the Tumblbug funding campaign closed, these three gamers worked with Sixtar’s two composers to commission these tracks.

One track of these three commissioned songs has been added to the game each week, starting on June 15th, forming the Composer Plan tracklist below:

▶ Composer Plan tracklist:

  1. Marion:nette Composer: Sound Souler (6/15 update)
  2. MAD ENGINE Composer: yomoha (6/22 update)
  3. Starlight Nightmare Composer: Sound Souler (6/29 update)

The songs created through the Composer Plan funding tier will soon be added to the Nintendo Switch™ version of the game as well through an update.

The Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X POCOTONE collaboration pack is also slated for release.

A collaboration to create new songs was set up between Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL and the virtual streaming crew POCOTONE from Afreeca TV, a popular Korean live streaming site, as a reward for the crowdfunding campaign that went from November 11th, 2022 until it finished on March 20th of 2023. It took less than a day for the crowdfunding campaign to go viral and reach 100% of its funding goal.

The Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X POCOTONE collaboration pack includes ten songs sung by members of POCOTONE and nine new emoticons that can be used when Unity Session is active in Travel Mode. The tracklist is as follows:

▶ Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X POCOTONE collaboration DLC tracklist:

  1. Flower Garden Composer: STELLAR (Arr. STELLAR, N4ML)
  2. Dream Star Composer: STELLAR
  3. I Love Me Composer: litmus*
  4. 사무치는 누군가의 위로 Composer: 139cm (Arr. litmus*)
  5. 죄인과 세계의 마침표 Composer: 139cm (Arr. STELLAR)
  6. 코스믹 텔레파시 Composer: N4ML
  7. :하트: :돋보기: :무지개: :오리: :별: Composer: 139cm
  8. Love this memory Composer: 139cm
  9. 첫사랑의 시작 소리 Composer: STELLAR
  10. Disallowed Composer: BlueArpeggio

The Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X POCOTONE collaboration pack will be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch™ version at a later date.

Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL is a rhythm game with a space travel theme that lets players take on the role of captain of the Ausflug, a science vessel voyaging to uncover the secrets of the Sixtar Cluster, alongside their cute companion, Operator Shii.

This game is packed full of game modes that players can enjoy, from Travel Mode where players can play whichever songs they wish, to Outer Space mode that’s sure to challenge beginners to seasoned veterans alike, and Adventure Mode where players can see what happens to Shii, Rami, and the captain. The game features an incredible tracklist that includes exclusive original songs from famous composers featured in the BEMANI (Beatmania) series, arrangements of familiar songs from Touhou Project spinoff games, and more that fans of rhythm games won’t want to miss.


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