Strayed Lights gets 'Challenge Mode' update

A bright spot of the Summer

29 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

French indie studio Embers has released a new content update for their flagship title Strayed Lights, as part of their Summer content roadmap. This introduces two new difficulty modes that represent the two pillars of Strayed Lights — battling ferocious, titanic bosses or exploring the atmospheric, dreamlike world of the game.

In the Difficulty modes update, the world of Strayed Lights comes alive with two new difficulty modes: Challenge Mode and Story mode. Under Challenge mode, players are put to the test with an all-new hard difficulty mode, drawing comparisons between the game and its souls-like inspirations, such as the parry-based reactive combat of Sekiro – a central influence to Strayed Lights. .

In the “Story” mode update, Strayed Lights instead turns its attention to the dreamlike world that Embers has put together. With enemy encounters greatly pacified and bosses more serene, players seeking to explore the unique world and story of Strayed Lights at their own pace now have the option.

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