Depending on how old you are, you might have very fond memories of Pokémon Puzzle League. The N64 release was a Pokémon-themed reskin of Tetris Attack, or Panel de Pon, and it played pretty much like the previously installments, albeit stuffed to the gills with Pokémon content.

Pokémon Puzzle League featured a ton of visuals, cut-scenes and music straight from the Pokémon anime at the time, but oddly enough, it included a brand-new song for Mewtwo. In an interview with the Johto Times, Pokémon Puzzle League audio director Lawrence Schwedler explains why that was.

For whatever reason, 4Kids was unable to give us any music for Mewtwo, so I was excited to be able to write some original music for the game. I knew I had to make a custom sample bank, so I decided to record a series of licks on my electric guitar and build a piece of music around them.

It’s just a little groove, but I liked that it sounded different from anything else in the game, because Mewtwo is such a special character. There are also a couple of other pieces of my original compositions in the game – maybe Misty’s theme, and one or two others that I can’t remember.

[Lawrence Schwedler, audio director]

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