Developer Implausible Industries and publisher Spike Chunsoft has announced that their turn-based action game, RESEARCH and DESTROY, will be releasing for all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, on April 25th, 2022. Check out details on the game below and the previously shared announcement trailer above.

All-new strategic shooting powered by Super Science. RESEARCH and DESTROY (RAD) is a turn-based action game with simultaneous local or online co-op. Take control of three brilliant Super Scientists as you RESEARCH and develop strange new weapons and gadgets to DESTROY the Supernatural hordes that have all but crushed humanity.

  • Research: Gain fresh insight into the Supernatural threat via battlefield vivisections, then develop radical upgrades for each weird weapon and fascinating gadget.
  • Destroy: Plan ahead, then run-and-gun in a combination of turn-based strategy and real-time shooting–every second counts.
  • Co-Op: Tailor your scientists’ appearance, then drop in or out of online and local co-op with friends at any time.
  • Campaign: Adapt your guerilla science tactics to manage the campaign map and seek the Supernatural source–no two playthroughs are the same.

In 2017, an in-development version of RESEARCH and DESTROY was shown at BitSummit, Japan’s premier independent gaming festival celebrating independent game developers and development, The title was honored with the BitSummit Popular Selection Award, which was chosen by attendees of the event.

Chris Willacy, Daniel Markiewicz, Kees Gajentaan, members of the Japan-based indie development team at Implausible Industries shared some of their thoughts about the new title.

We’re incredibly excited for the upcoming release of RESEARCH and DESTROY, and that the release will be on all major gaming platforms.

As a micro-studio, we have never had more than five in-house team members at any one time. Because of that, we all had to wear a lot of hats on the project, which kept things very fun, fresh, and exciting for us. We hope that sense of fun and playfulness translates into an enjoyable experience for players of RESEARCH and DESTROY. Even until the end of development, there was a lot of laughter erupting in the office from some of the situations we’d find ourselves in while playing.

We drew inspiration from a wide variety of 20th-century comics and TV cartoons to create the look and feel of the game world. Bringing a cartoony art style to a game is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. Creating a “weird science” setting for a Turn-based Action game allowed us to come up with all sorts of unique weapons and fascinating gadgets while adding a healthy dose of humor to the game. Keep your eye out for plenty of daft references, dumb dad jokes, and light-hearted Easter eggs while you’re playing. We had a great time putting them in and trying to craft something that has something to say but isn’t too serious about how it says it. We hope you’ll join the fun with us on April 26th.

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