LUNARK 'Accolades' trailer

Cinematic platforming bliss

29 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A new trailer has been released for LUNARK today that gathers various comments and praise from the gaming press. You might even see a quote from a site you recognize! Check out the trailer above to see what the press has been saying.

Set in a far future where Earth’s moon has been transformed into a vessel for humanity’s survival and a totalitarian regime reigns supreme, LUNARK puts players in control of Leo, a courier with unique abilities and a mysterious past. As he gets unwittingly caught up in the rebellion against LUNARK’s iron fist, Leo must run, jump, hang, climb, roll, and shoot his way out of one life-threatening situation after another as he navigates impressively animated pixel-art environments ranging from a dystopian megalopolis to eerie caves to an alien forest.

Using their reflexes and their wits, players must overcome traps, solve puzzles, earn upgrades, and battle enemy droids, and when they aren’t fighting for survival, they’ll find themselves interacting with a cast of colorful characters who will put Leo’s allegiances to the test.

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