The team behind Bunhouse has announced that the game will get a ‘Barbecue’ update sometime in the near future. Ahead of the update, the developers have shared full patch notes for what players can expect. You can read through the full ‘Barbecue’ patch notes below.

ADDED: Fruit is now throwable

  • By pressing the action button while holding a piece of fruit (grown from fruit trees), you can launch that sucker straight ahead
  • Hitting other buns causes an impact similar to hopping into them
  • Thrown fruit is destroyed and can no longer be sold
  • Perhaps you could create a paintball-like course outside your greenhouse and fight buno-e-buno.
  • Perhaps you can annoy your fellow bun who is doing yoga. Anything is possible now that your bun can throw a peach

ADDED: New item – Auto Propagator

  • Costs 1000 carrots
  • The Auto Propagator is a mechanical arm that will automatically propagate plants in a certain area
  • Any applicable plant will be propagated indefinitely and its seeds will be stored within the propagator itself
  • The base of the propagator will turn green when it is storing at least one seed and will be red otherwise
  • Pressing the ‘Use’ button on the propagator will pull one of its gathered seeds
  • The area of effect is about the size of a large sprinkler
  • Can be combined with the new upgrade to propagate shiny plants and store their shiny seeds
  • Unlocked by purchasing the Pocket Clippers upgrade

ADDED: New item – Carrot Dog

  • Created at the new grill item
  • Can be consumed
  • Makes buns sluggish
  • Sluggish status effect lasts for thirty seconds

ADDED: New item – Grill

  • Costs 250 carrots
  • Allows buns to grill Carrot Dogs (ya know, like hot dogs only they’re carrots)
  • After interacting with the grill once, a bun will spend one carrot and place it on the grill, causing smoke to rise
  • Interacting with the grill again will take the carrot
  • A carrot can be undercooked, cooked perfectly, or overcooked. Only if a carrot is cooked perfectly will the bun produce a carrot dog
  • Keep an eye on subtle changes in the smoke to determine if your carrot is cooked
  • Unlocked by catching a Salmon

ADDED: New hat – Chef

  • Unlocked by grilling a perfect carrot

ADDED: New plant – String Of Pearls

  • Unlocked by growing a Common Lady Fern to its maximum level
  • Can grow to its maximum size in a small hanging pot (was visually designed for the smaller pot as well so some clipping may occur if you put it in a medium hanging pot)
  • Shares many stats with a Ceratostema Rauhii, making it quite valuable
  • Has a slower in-game recuperation rate than other plants because mine always seem to struggle in real life
  • Can produce a shiny

ADDED: New plant – Foxglove

  • Unlocked by growing an orchid to its maximum level
  • Similar stats to a Purple Lupine Flower
  • Only produces flowers at its final stage
  • Can be desired by bees
  • Can produce a shiny

ADDED: New fish – Salmon

  • Potentially biggest fish in the game (minus the secret fish, of course)

ADDED: New fish – Rainbow Trout

  • Usually bigger than bass but not as big as pike

ADDED: New upgrade – More Land

  • Costs 5000 carrots
  • Automatically unlocked
  • Increase your plot of useable land by expanding more toward the river

ADDED: New upgrade – Shiny parents

  • Costs 25,000 carrots
  • Unlocked by purchasing the Pocket clippers upgrade
  • After purchasing this upgrade, any time you propagate a shiny plant, the seed will be guaranteed to be shiny as well

  • ADDED: Sound effect for picking up watering can
  • ADDED: Additional watering sound effect for when you’re actually watering a plant (vs. just dumping water on the ground)
  • ADDED: Sound effect for saving game
  • CHANGED: All plants take 50% longer to grow
  • CHANGED: Increased base bunny movement speed by 10%
  • CHANGED: Lowered sound of crate opening noise (to be more consistent with the rest of the audio mix)
  • CHANGED: Increased volume of sound for setting down objects
  • CHANGED: Slightly lowered the max time between background music songs
  • CHANGED: Sound effect for using watering can
  • CHANGED: Other random audio balancing
  • CHANGED: Altered foliage texture to get more even lighting (will be more apparent in console builds)
  • CHANGED: Adjusted some collisions near the river
  • CHANGED: Reformatted ivy texture for more realistic deviations of color
  • CHANGED: Miscellaneous optimizations to reduce draw calls
  • CHANGED: Made bunnies cuter
  • FIXED BUG: Using the mini plantipedia while using the watering can causes the watering can to continually output water even after being set down
  • FIXED BUG: Bun can propagate a plant while picking it up, causing the new seed to be permanently attached to bun until reloading the game
  • FIXED BUG: Switching from fishing to rowing while having a fish you caught doesn’t remove the prompt “send fish to aquarium”
  • FIXED BUG: Misspelled ‘propagate’ in Pocket Clippers upgrade description
  • FIXED BUG: Ivy color glitch at top of greenhouse
  • FIXED BUG: Rare bug where trash can couldn’t be utilized properly
  • FIXED BUG: Removed Herobrine

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