While Minecraft has been owned by Microsoft for years now, the franchise is making considerably more money on Switch than it is Microsoft’s own platform.

In Microsoft’s legal battle over purchasing Activision Blizzard, a ton of details have come out about the company’s inner-workings. Included in the many courtroom conversations is talk of Minecraft, and how the multiplatform game is doing across various hardware.

In the console space, we learned that the Xbox version of Minecraft is actually pulling in the least amount of money. That does make sense when you consider how the game is available on Game Pass. After that comes the PlayStation versions of Minecraft, which are pulling in double what the Xbox versions do. Finally comes Switch, which is bringing in 4 times what the game does on Xbox.

We constantly see the Switch version of Minecraft in the top 10 charts both physical and digital, and now we know just how big a difference that’s making for Microsoft!

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11M ago

I love playing it on Switch more than PC. Just wish I could play the Java version there and that performance with large worlds was a bit better...

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