Four more games are now available on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop: Shootvaders: The Beginning, Tower Up, Moving Blocks Puzzles, and Forever Lost: Episode 3. We’ve compiled the games and their descriptions down below, so feel free to check them out if you are interested.

Forever Lost: Episode 3

Forever Lost is a first-person adventure/puzzle game set in an abandoned asylum where nothing is quite what it seems. The cult classic finally arrives on the Nintendo Switch™!

  • “adventuring at its best” - TouchArcade
  • “It’s a bit like The Room, only with more rooms.” - Pocket Gamer
  • “Creepy, Welcomely Old-Fashioned iPhone Adventure Game” - Kotaku

The Epic Conclusion To The Forever Lost Saga!

The truth is near. Look inside.

Founded in 1806, the Hawthorne Asylum was active during a time when patients were treated less like people and more like lab rats.

Although closed down in the 50’s due to changing ethical standards it is said that experiments were still being conducted for decades to come.

This is the concluding episode to the Forever Lost story, if you haven’t played the previous two episodes then please go do that now, we can objectively say they’re awesome.

A first person point and click game filled with puzzles, objects, rooms, and more puzzles. Plus there’s an actual story for those players that are so inclined.


• Inspired by classic 2D point’n’click adventure games and modern culture. • A first person point and click adventure game. • Amazing visual and sound design. • Trademark Glitch humour and puzzles that will leave you screaming at us. • The Glitch Camera to help you solve puzzles and keep track of clues. • Plenty of rooms to explore and puzzles to solve. • Beautiful soundtrack perfectly suited to this eerie and haunting world. • A full hint guide that keeps track of your accomplishments to make sure you never get stuck. • Auto-save feature, never lose your progress again!

Shootvaders: The Beginning

Arcade style shooter with colorful explosions. 2 Player co-op ( fire friendly but not crash friendly). 4 weapons for your spaceship.

Your mission: blast out of this galaxy and find an exotic new planet and new possibilities for all of humanity. We have reports there are hostile forces gathering from all corners of the universe. The alien scum will stop at nothing to destroy you!


Your mission briefing, Captain Dorin Fischer, is to save the future of humanity by finding a place for us to live. Your training has prepared you to drop into a combat trance as you mow down endless aliens hostiles, but to succeed you’ll need expert combat reflexes and piloting skills.

Enemies will come in waves. Stay alive as long as possible to collect salvage to upgrade your ship. But your enemies are improving too, each wave they will get stronger. The only path to the promised new world is to travel through space-time: a gateway between galaxies. Be warned, touching a crystal inside the gate could have dire consequences.

Good luck, Captain!

Arcade style shooter with colorful explosions. 2 Player co-op ( fire friendly but not crash friendly). 4 weapons for your spaceship. 6 Spaceship Upgrades of 4 levels each. 12 weapons ( 6 human & 6 alien weapons).

Tower Up

Build your highest tower up in the sky and higher.

Build your highest tower up in the sky and higher.

The tiny tower residents are part of your work, they are happy if the tower is rising through the clouds into the outer space.

Let them discover new worlds and planets, far from the earth.

Moving Blocks Puzzles

More than 150 puzzles await you to be solved! Slide the pieces around the empty box until you form the target figure.

The figures to be formed are “identicons”, which are pixel like figures formed from encoded words. Moving Blocks tests your ability to solve puzzles, you need to plan your moves to solve them in as less moves and as quickly as possible.

Play it during traffic (never while driving!), your commute, on your lunch break or in the bank lines and exercise your brain while having fun!

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