SuperGroupies releasing Fire Emblem: Three Houses bag collection

Wear your Fire Emblem fan status on your sleeve..or shoulder

19 April 2022
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SuperGroupies never misses a chance to create merch lines for popular games, and now they’ve set their sights on Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The fashion brand has revealed a new series of bags inspired by Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and you can get details on the lineup below.

■ Linhardt Model Shoulder Bag

The striking contrast of black and green brings Linhardt’s outfit to mind.

■ Bernadetta Model Crossbody Bag

The front pocket flap is designed in the shape of her bow and features the pattern from her clothing.

■ Felix Model Tote Bag

The bag charm is a replica of the Aegis Shield. Brown belts on the sides mimic his dual sword belts.

■ Sylvain Model Shoulder Bag

The removable fake fur attached to the shoulder strap mimics the unique look of his collar.

■ Lysithea Model Shoulder Bag

An internal tag features embossed designs including the initials of her name, lilies, and more!

■ Hilda Model Crossbody Bag

The original lining design features a bright houndstooth pattern in her most representative colors.

■ Yuri Model Tote Bag

Zipper pulls on both sides of the bag allow you to adjust the size to accommodate for its content.

Pre-orders for these bags start today, and will be available until May 15th, 2022. Each bag is priced at $130, and they’ll ship out sometime in late October 2022. You can place your pre-orders through this link.

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