Publisher CFK and developer Bit Paradigm have announced that the jump-based action-adventure game, Blade Jumper, is launching on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

Blade Jumper is a jumping action platformer where players have to use a simple mechanic to navigate complex obstacles after quickly judging the situation. It was officially released on Steam and the Stove Indie store in September and October of last year, respectively.

About the game:

▲ Story In 2030, the people of Seoul suffered a “blue-demic” as a massive wave of depression spread like a virus, resulting in one in every five citizens taking their own lives.

Fifteen years later… a massive skyscraper called Kukuru Tower was built in Yeouido, Seoul, a building where a measly one percent of the people who suffered from the pandemic were selected to live. There, in a tower big enough to house all of those in the surrounding Yeouido area, they’re allowed to live out their happy lives, separated from the outside world.

Unreality, the authoritarian governing company with its foothold in Seoul’s Kukuru Tower, controls the people of Seoul through its highly addictive but highly pleasure-inducing Kukuru Candies. Ground Z, a guerilla force set on overthrowing Unreality, gets ready for their final push and, to that end, locates you, an agent who made a name for himself in the past.

You now stand in front of the looming Kukuru Tower and all the mysteries held within.

▲ Characters - Agent Ray (Ryu-hyeon)

Two years before, he took a leave of absence from Ground Z following the death of his sister, Yeri, during an operation they both took part in. After two years of aimlessly drifting from one illegal video gambling center to another, he receives orders to go on one last mission into Kukuru Tower.

  • Pige-bot

An AI-powered robot created by Ground Z in the style of the dollbots created by Unreality. As it departs on its first mission, it locates Agent Ray and sets out on a journey through the floors of Kukuru Tower as his guide.

  • Agent Robert (Cheolsoo)

A new Ground Z agent who received his first mission to enter Kururu Tower. He greatly admires the senior agents of Ground Z, especially the protagonist, Agent Ray. His youth and inexperience lead to him being easily swept up by the stories of those he encounters.

  • Agent Octavia (Yoojin)

The agent in charge of internal affairs, putting her respectable skills to good use. As such, she’s responsible for gathering information on the baffling secrets behind Unreality, the Kukuru Tower, Kukuru Candies, and the candy’s effects. She climbs the tower under the belief that doing so will uncover the truth.

▲ Game features - Addictive gameplay that’s stylish and stimulates your desire for a challenge

Blade Jumper features a ‘jump attack slash,’ combining movement and attack into a single motion. Players need only climb the tower as they face off against a veritable army of dollbots that wish to see you fall back down.

Players can control protagonist, Agent Ray, to do away with his enemies in style or suffer the consequences and helplessly watch their character plummet all the way back down.

  • Cute yet seemingly nonsensical NPCs inhabit colorful stages

The interior of Kukuru Tower, cut off from the outside world, is full of insanity. The cute yet crazy and cruel dollbots wait for players, each carrying their own special trick that’s meant to stop you on your climb up the tower.

Nine floors of the Kukuru Tower await, each carrying a different design concept. As such, players must be ready to tackle each stage differently, adapting to the obstacles each floor presents.

  • A charming world and rich story

Players will meet a wide cast of characters and pour through the records they come across as they climb Kukuru Tower.

As players climb higher and higher, they’ll uncover the truth that only brings with it more unease. Why are all these people climbing the tower? Players will meet all sorts of characters with their own reasons for going higher, slowly uncovering the truths the tower holds.

Along with news of the release, the current build available on the Steam and Stove stores is also being updated to the 1.7.61 version. The new build includes various quality-of-life improvements and other features.

First off, the game, which only supported Korean at first, is going global with new translations into English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. These new translations, provided with the support of CFK, will allow gamers from around the world enjoy the challenge that is Blade Jumper.

Along with this addition, the stages that were flagged as being too hard or extreme in design were completely reworked to create a smoother gaming experience. The developer also worked on a few quality-of-life improvements, such as UI modifications and fixing bugs throughout the game.

With the announcement that Blade Jumper will be coming to Nintendo Switch™ within the year, developer bit paradigm also continues its partnership with CFK to keep the game available on the Steam and Stove stores. Both companies are committed to giving everything they’ve got to make Blade Jumper a success across all platforms. The Nintendo Switch™ version of Blade Jumper, a new take on leaping action-adventure, to come this year.


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