New sounds and new melodies will soon echo through Sky. From July 3rd through the end of July 16th, Harmony Hall will be at the center of a cozy event for players with any music experience—or even no music experience!—to gather and share their favorite tunes.

Two new instruments are on offer for the event—which we think will be exciting news to everyone! First up is a saxophone, available during Days of Music for in-game currency that can be gathered in and around Harmony Hall. Days of Music is also the debut for the violin. It will be an IAP and remain permanently available, even after the event ends.

If you’re interested in some of Sky’s other instruments, four Spirits from the Seasons of Gratitude and Rhythm will also arrive for the occasion. Each one brings an instrument that can be unlocked, including a piano, xylophone, and more.

Apart from instruments, new music sheets have been added to the music sheet challenges, which will also give each Sky kid an extra boost of Light (and maybe some event currency) if they sit down to try their hand at one, no minimum skill level needed! Meanwhile the new Jam Station in Harmony Hall invites all Sky kids to create their own mini-recordings with up to four parts.

These event items can be found at the counter (or Spirit standing nearby it) in Harmony Hall:

  • Music sheet: 5 Candles
  • Harmony Hairpin: 50 Candles (returning item)

Event currency items:

  • Marching Band Hat: 43 event currency
  • Saxophone: 102 event currency
  • Triumph Violin: $19.99

The violin will continue to be available after the event as well.

Apart from the music sheet, free trial spells for these items can be found at the counter. Don’t forget to look around as you explore Harmony Hall, too—you just might find one or two (or more) event currency shaped with a musical theme for unlocking this year’s new in-game currency items!

Days of Music is from 00:00 July 3rd until 23:59 July 16th PDT (UTC -7), and content is available to all players who have progressed to at least Valley of Triumph. Whether you’re a Sky virtuoso, a newcomer to Sky’s musical instruments, or anything in between, join in this cozy event and share your own unique tunes with your fellow Sky kids. See you in the skies!

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