Night School Studio is back with two different videos promoting the upcoming release of OXENFREE II: Lost Signals. First up is a ‘Complexity of Choice’ development feature.

All of the games from Night School feature a naturalistic dialogue system, allowing players to shape conversations and outcomes through their choices. Not feeling talkative? Say nothing it and makes an impact, too. In OXENFREE II, the team has added a new walkie talkie conversation system, allowing you to walk, talk, and chat up other characters along the way.

Along with that comes the fourth in a series of cryptic teasers for the game. These videos have been filled with hidden messages and imagery, and they’re just dying to be deciphered by a superfan out there. Anyone out there crack the case on these yet?

OXENFREE II: Lost Signals is the mind-bending follow-up to the critically-acclaimed narrative adventure game OXENFREE from Night School Studio. Play it as a standalone story or dive deeper by playing the original – it’s up to you. As you play, you’ll shape every step of the story through your choices. How you choose to deal with the supernatural events at hand will forever alter the future.

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