SMITE has gotten its next big update today, and it brings not one, but two larger-than-life characters into the fold.

First up is none other than Super Shredder, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ more fearsome foes. TMNT content first made its way into the world of SMITE back in 2020, and now the Turtles have returned to take on Super Shredder. Can you take down this mutagen-enhanced troublemaker?


Along with Super Shredder, the previously-revealed ‘Jade Emperor’ Yu Huang is now available as well. The first Mage in a year since Morgan le Fay and Tiamat before her, Yu Huang reigns over the Chinese pantheon. Enjoy Yu Huang and his Pearl Dragon in the game right now!

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2y ago

Well that's one way to get me to play Smite!