COCOON was revealed for Switch over a year ago, and now we know it’s set for a Sept. 29th, 2023 release. The game was a real eye-catcher from the start, as it looked to combine a gorgeous world with some sophisticated puzzles. Now we know that creating that atmosphere has taken quite a bit of time.

Push Square had the chance to talk with game director Jeppe Carlsen to see how long this idea’s been in the works, and not surprisingly, this game has taken quite a time commitment to bring together.

I started working on COCOON relatively shortly after I left Playdead, and the game has now been in full-time development for more than 6.5 years. I usually have a few different game concepts floating about, but COCOON felt special, and I tend to get quite focused (borderline obsessive) once I start working on a game.

[Jeppe Carlsen]

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