Summer is coming to Pasio, and Mossdeep City’s twin Gym Leaders, Tate and Liza, are hoping to shine with a stellar dance performance during Pasio’s star festival. But something is amiss: Anabel and Liza have gone missing and their partner Pokémon were left behind. Will Tate be able to find his sister or will Anabel and Liza remain in the mysterious realm they landed in? Find out in the Twin Stars Far Apart story event!

This young Gym Leader from the Hoenn region is battling alongside Jirachi in a brand-new summer outfit. Tate (Summer 2023) & Jirachi are a Steel-type tech sync pair that can deal serious damage with their unique passive skill 2 P-Moves: Doom Desire while also lowering their target’s Sp. Def with P-Move on Opp: Sp. Def ↓2 9. They can even raise a random stat of all allied sync pairs by two stat ranks with Use Doom Desire: Team Same Stat ↑2. Whether you choose to fire damage with Flash Cannon, slow things down with Thunder Wave, or captivate opponents with Charm, Tate (Summer 2023) & Jirachi are the all-around assist your team needs.

Tate (Summer 2023) & Jirachi are available to scout until July 16, 2023, at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

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