Fans of Undertale have been digging through the game ever since it released, as it’s a title filled to the brim with secrets. Plenty of hidden items and more have been found since the game’s 2015 release, but now we have a glimpse at something never-before-seen thanks to the game’s developer.

Toby Fox, the brain behind Undertale, put out a newsletter last night to give fans an update on DELTARUNE. That same email also contained a little tidbit about Undertale, in which Fox revealed a deleted scene from the game.

The seen in question shows Sans eating some ice cream. This scene would have played out for players who rushed to meeting Sans at this point in the game, which means it would have been an Easter egg for speedrunners. Fox decided to cut this hidden interaction from the final game, but now we get to see how it would have played out.

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