An update is available for The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Key Post glow color is now set to magic color. Once a Key Post is activated they show as activated for the rest of the run
  • 93% bug fixed
  • Polished visuals on Thunderstorm ability
  • Final Spark frame rainbow effect restored
  • Big Chest particles are no longer static
  • Added particles when Sylas leaves Invisibility mode
  • Integrated a new water shader
  • Chickens and wheat assets are no longer static, and will move
  • Added warnings for the Giant’s Helm storm attack in Hidden Pass Headquarters
  • Added new idle breaks to Sylas’s idle state when not moving
  • A red arrow will now appear when dealing damage against an enemy with the same magic type
  • Improvements made to Thunderbeast’s Thunderstorm warning
  • Text bubble from War Table now appears gold-colored like player objectives
  • Added idles to all the horses at Great City of Demacia (II)
  • Improved the bubble for special characters in the Hideout. Now you should be able to see them from a greater distance
  • Increased text size of bark bubbles on all platforms
  • For keyboard and mouse, by default, the “A” and “D” keys changed to the left and right arrows for navigating in the tutorial panels
  • Durand’s Defense warning is now a red circle
  • Boss cutscenes now automatically skip when restarting a fight upon player death
  • Fixed health bars for Giant’s Helm, Garen Fight 2, Sylas’s Nightmare, and Shyvana fights
  • Fixed scale issues with Sylas’s Nightmare’s Chain Hook
  • Fixed pixel displacement issues with HUD canvas.
  • Fixed mana obtain glow overlay from triggering every time Sylas hits an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where the Elite Storm Mageseeker’s Lightspeed ability would still show particles when invisible
  • Fixed an issue where number of items required for mission completion is inconsistent with items present in game
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could teleport outside encounter boundaries
  • Fixed an issue where player could become stuck in the Pause Menu indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue with targeting the Dark Hound enemy
  • Fixed an issue during the Jarvan boss fight where Jarvan would appear duplicated
  • For keyboard and mouse, by default, the “A” and “D” keys changed to the left and right arrows for navigating in the tutorial panels
  • For keyboard and mouse, added a Quick Cast option that removes the aim step to allow automatic copying, casting, and using abilities.
  • Various spelling and text issues fixed
  • Various UI and HUD issues fixed
  • Various Map and Objective issues fixed

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